Antenna Packages

We only use durable “State of the Art” Digital VHF/UHF –  HD Antennas. They are compact and low profile antennas from Channel Master, Blue Sky and Winegard. We do not use window flatware, plastic or flat panel antennas that do not withstand the harsh Twin Cities winters.

Plus no gimmicky consulting or estimate fees. In fact we provide a “Free Signal Analysis” on all inquiries.


If you are not 100% satisfied with the picture quality we will remove

the equipment and charge you nothing.

​Whats included in your installation package?

* Digital UHF/VHF – HD antenna

* Testing and switching out all defective splitters

* Testing and replacing all defective coax cable

* Test toning and isolating internet line

* Connecting all TV outlets in your home 

* Grounding antenna to existing ground

* Set up and programming of all your TV’s

* Free Streaming device installation

* Insured and bonded professional installation

* One time installation charge – no more fees

* One year warranty on TV Reception

Plus a Sky Blue antenna upgrade for only $25.00 – a $169.95 value compliments of Ness Electronics – just mention this add

             100% Satisfaction Guarantee / 1 year warranty 

Note: Since over 50% of our installations are satellite conversions and existing antenna users who already have an antenna mounts we do not include antenna mounts as part of our package. The average antenna mount installed is $48.00 installed.

Whats not included?


Attic/garage installations may incur an additional charge as we usually upgrade the antenna
• Antenna Mounts
• DVR recorders and streaming devices are available at an extra charge.
• Drilling access holes and pulling wire for additional outlets

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Antenna  Questions:

Indoor vs outdoor antenna

An outdoor antenna by far is your best option. In most cases indoor antennas will not get you all the channels you want especially the VHF channels 9 and 11. Plus consistency will vary by season. This is the case for most homes in the Twin Cities unless your within 5 miles of the 3 transmitting towers. We highly recommend outdoor antennas. We no longer carry indoor antennas due to their inconsistency. However some cases they will work through trial and error by moving them around your home especially if your within sight distance of the towers..

Directional vs multi-directional antenna.

Directional antennas are usually the best bet as receive a stronger signal than multi-directional antennas. In the Twin Cities we are lucky as the 3 transmitting towers that carry all the network and HD channels are located with one mile of each other. As a result we recommend directional antennas. The only drawback is they need to be tuned properly. However with our signal meters we can isolate channels within 2 degrees of each other. This ensures consistent signal reception. That’s way we offer a one year warranty on signal reception.

Placement of the antenna

The general rule is place the antenna on a roof. Structures like walls, cabinets, trees and your neighbor’s home blocks or weakens the signal especial if you are not in line of sight of where the signal is being transmitted. Attic installations also usually work but they usually require an antenna upgrade to compensate for the signal knockdown caused by being place in the attic. Antenna upgrades are not expensive. However pulling the wire from the attic to the D mark or utility room to connect to your home is. That’s way the majority of our customers opt for garage attic installations as they are less expensive.

Amplified or non-amplified antennas

Many companies sell amplified antennas however in most cases these antennas are sold over the internet. First, in most cases these antennas do not work and receiving a refund is virtually impossible. Secondly 80% of the Twin City installations do not need a pre-amped antenna. If amplification is required its best to upgrade the antenna or install a distributor amplifier. This is the most reliable and cost effective way to amplify your signal.


Do-it- yourself or professional

Putting up an antenna on your roof can be done and in some cases save you money but before you attempt it consider these factors.                                               

  1. Do you have the time?
  2. Consider your safety and have the right equipment especially safety ladders.
  3. A good antenna runs approximately $150.00
  4. Do you have the tools to strip the coax and connect the compression properly?
  5. Do you understand the wiring in your home?
  6. Can you test tone to properly isolate your internet?
  7. Do you know how to ground the antenna properly from a lighting strike? This is also necessary for attic installations.
  8. Do you have a signal meter to align the antenna? Being off two degrees is the difference between pixel free reception and getting all the channels you want.
  9. Lastly over 35% of our installations are do-it yourself homeowners who just can’t make it work and there is no warranty for their efforts.

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