Everything you wanted to know about Sling TV


Sling TV streams your favorite channels without a cable or satellite subscription

Sling TV is a streaming video television service that gives you 31+ channels for just $19.95 a month. You can use it to stream to your smart television or any other streaming device you use.

If you don’t have a smart TV or streaming device Sling has that too!

Introducing the Sling AirTV Streaming device….

Its a simple idea!

Cable TV over the internet at a fraction of the cost. No contract, no activation fee, and a 7-day free trial to see if it’s for you.

 Sling TV even has all your favorite sports channels

FOX Sports North – Watch the Twins , Wild and Timberwolves

ESPN 1, ESPN 2. and ESPN 3- Watch your favorite college teams

FS 1, FS 2 and more

Sling TV has 3 packages starting at $19.95 month

You can also add premium channels like HBO, CineMax and Showtime. Best of all no contracts and you can cancel online at anytime


Click Here for you Free 7- Day Trial

Or call us at 651 592 -3907 and we can sign you up by phone. It’s that simple!                 Best of all there are No contracts, Cancel at any time, Easy online cancellation.

Q: Is Sling TV available in The Twin Cites?

Yes it is available to people who live in the Twin Cites metro area.

Q: How is it different from my cable or satellite provider?

To use it you’ll need a good internet connection and a compatible device to run the Sling TV app, which takes the place of a cable or satellite box and connects to a TV. You can also watch on your phone, tablet or computer, either at home or away.

Q: Can you stream movies?

Yes you can stream movies with NETFLIX, Google Play, Vudu, Hula Crackle, and even Kodi. All you have to do is download their apps. NETFIX and Google Play are already downloaded for you.

Q: Is it easy to set up?

Yes we will set it up for you. In fact we will sign you up with Sling and get you the $50.00 programing credit which is 2 1/2 months free. Best of all no contract required.

Q: Can I get sports channels?

Yes Sling TV comes with ESPN 1, ESPN 2, ESPN 3 and FOX North. You also can add additional sport channels.

Q: What does Sling TV cost and what does it include?

It’s considerable cheaper. They have two packages $19.95 or $25.00 a month. Plus you can add channels like HBO.

The most Economical Package is called the “Sling Orange Package”. It is only $19.95 per month. Compare that to your existing cable or satellite bill. Why pay morel.

Another base package is called “Sling Blue” which costs $25 per month. Each offers slightly different channel lineups. You can get all of the channels in both packages and add movie channels like HBO, STARZ and Cinemax.

Unlike cable or satellite, there are no contracts and you can cancel or resume service anytime, with no penalties. One way to think of it is Netflix, but with live TV.

New…….FOX Sports North. Now watch the Twins, Wild and Timberwolves live.

See a for sampling of  Sling Tv channels below

You don’t have a streaming device or smart TV …No problem

Sling also has its own voice controlled streaming device that combines Sling TV, NETFLIX and Google Apps to stream movies, with over-the-air TV. It even has a combined programing guide for both Sling TV and antenna TV.

All you need is an over-the-air antenna to receive all the local network and HD channels in your area.

Just add the "Sling TV AirTV" streaming device. Stream Sling TV Stream NETFLIX Stream HULU and VUDU Download any Google app and stream No smart TV or a streaming device?............No Problem!

Introducing the New AirTV 2

Introducing the AirTV 2

With the Air TV, you can finally get your local channels without worrying about where to put the antenna!

Air TV streams your local channels throughout your home and on the go so you can keep watching, no matter where you are.

Plus Air TV Player lets you watch Netflix, Sling TV™, and your local channels all in one seamless experience.  No need for a coax TV outlet behind your TV or running coax to a new location. You can watch anywhere even on your phone, tablet or computer.

The future of television is here today!

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Here’s a sampling of the channels offered by Sling TV’s base packages:

Sling Orange $19.95 Package

Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
CineMAX $10 / Month
Comedy Central
Cooking Channel
Disney Channel
Food Network
FOX Sports North – Twins, Wild and Timberwolves
History Channel
HBO $15 / Month

SHOWTIME $10 / Month
Travel Channel
Tru TV
And many more.

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