There’s one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s but it stops antenna installations……………………………Tom McGlynn


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What is Free HDTV

Click image above to learn about Free HDTV. Its simple to get “Free” Digital HDTV? Our high definition TV antenna installation package includes everything you need. Just add Sling TV or any streaming device and your viewing experience is unlimited.

What you get with our antenna packages

Click image above to see what you get with our antenna packages. All our packages include a durable “State of the Art” Digital VHF/UHF – HD Antenna. We only use compact low profile antennas from Channel Master and Wiengard that can withstand the Twin Cities harsh winters. We do not use gimmicky plastic or flat panel antennas.


Click image above to learn about our DVR players.You don’t have give up recording your favorite programs.  Now you can record, pause and fast forward. your favorite programs. No more commercials. The Channel Master DVR+ is the only subscription free “Over-the-Air ” DVR that integrates online streaming services and lets you choose your recording capacity.

Our Antennas

Click image above to check out all our antennas. We only use durable outdoor HD digital antenna from trusted brands like Channel Master and Wiengard that can handle the serve Twin Cities winters. We do not use gimmicky plastic or flat panel antennas.

Channel Guide

Just click image above and add your zip code for your precise channel lineup. Its that simple.


 Click image above to see all the major questions and common inquiries about HD Antennas. Plus check out our tutorial on “Everything you want to know about Cutting-the-Cord.”

Why us?

“Just check out our reviews on Angie’s list and Better Business Bureau below”

Free TV

Cut-the-Cord and get “Free HDTV”with our  proven antenna packages.

  • No More Monthly – Cable Bills
  • No More Monthly – Box Charges
  • No More Monthly –  HD Charges
  • No More Monthly – DVR Charges

Crystal Clear Connection

Enjoy stunning, full pristine HD picture better than cable or satellite or your money back.

DVR and More

Antenna TV doesn’t mean skipping on your recording features, enjoy DVR capability and more. Plus add a Sling TV or ROKU streaming device and you TV becomes a smart TV .

Installation Guarantee

We stand behind our iron clad installation service. We provide a one year warranty on reception, workmanship and parts.

Years Experience

Because of our years of experience we know the ins and outs of the technical hurdles that other companies miss. The only company that provides a one year warranty no questions asked on reception.

Great Support

Our support staff, although not commonly used, is on hand for any future issues that may arise.

Everything you want to know about Cutting the Cord The Future of Television is Here

Just install a new HDTV digital antenna and you receive all the major broadcast networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, ION, PBS and many more. See the above “Channel Guide” tab for all the Twin Cities stations. All the stations are broadcasted in pristine quality better then cable and satellite guaranteed. Plus in High Definition. All without the monthly cable or satellite fees. Its that simple.
Plus just add an inexpensive streaming media device and you can add 100’s more free viewing channels. We install all streaming devices free.
In fact Sling TV can make all your TV’s smart TV’s by adding their voice activated streaming box and remote for only $129.00. Plus it includes a $50.00 credit for free programing. That’s 2 1/2 months of free Sling TV. We will even sign you up and set up Sling in your home at no charge. Best of all no contracts so you can cancel at any time.


The cost of cable and satellite TV has forced many Americans to turn to digital TV antennas for free over the air HD programming.

KARE 11 News says:

This is not a fade. You have to check it out”

Why are the new Digital HDTV antennas challenging the cable and satellite companies?

Did you know the major broadcast networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ION, CW, PBS and others are broadcasting in high definition nowadays via over the air digital HD antennas. Plus the quality is superior to cable or satellite.

This means you receive Free HDTV programming if you have the right outdoor TV antenna.

Why pay $85 to $120+ month for cable or satellite if most broadcasts are available to you for free over the air? That means you can “Save over $1,200 a year“. That’s a significant savings.

The simple solution is a new digital antennas from Mr. HDTV Man. We have the right outdoor antenna for your specific application. In addition if you are a DVR user we have a DVR system that records, pauses, skips and plays. Best of all, unlike cable or TiVo, there are no monthly box or subscription charges. Just add a media streaming device and your viewing experience is virtually unlimited

“I saw this on KARE 11 but did not believe it. I switched to a digital antenna and even kept my DVR capability with their Channel Master DVR +.”

Rick ZabelMaplewood, Mn

“I get superior quality over satellite with my new outdoor HD TV antenna and saved over $85.00 a month. I should have done this years ago”

Buzz Pierce Eden Praire, Mn
“I paid $399 for my HD antenna and got 40+ crystal clear channels. It also included installation.
Saving me over $100.00 month.”
Doug DeglerCoon Rapids


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